General 1

We go into the sea to respect the environment. You have come across Nature, the image of grace and solemnity.

Their kingdom is in danger: pollution and fires threaten it. We want to protect wildlife from humans.
Life is nothing without vegetation and animals. It is ignorant not to take care of the planet.

A friendly and respectable society can be achieved with awareness. With Ecotopia, such a society is very likely to exist.

Scene 2

After the elections, the political goblins are spreading. Two of them love each other deeply and the others will try to fight them.

The “red one” will only reign for three years; will he manage to fulfil his electoral programme? The “orange” has finally succeeded…. Let’s see if he manages to rule the City Council.

The “blue fairy” is almost decisive in breaking the progressive hegemony.

She will use the social media as a TV show and will try to screw the “Pacto del Castell”.

The “green” will defend culture, as it is the flag that he flies.

He may want to help bullfighting by screwing up the Valencian language.

Scene 3

In the animal world they go in pairs; the relationship is natural, they don’t fight like wild beasts.

Genitals are not essential when you like a person; be happy, use your brain cells… Even animals use them!

It doesn’t matter if a family is created by two men or two women. What do you care about articles? How foolish, if you’re just watching!

There is nothing strange against nature: being diverse is not artificial, it is respecting everyone equally, because loving each other is essential.

Scene 4


La Marina has charming beaches with superb locations in the Community. Les Rotes are a must during summer, always crowded with polluting people.
The seabed eats what the sea swallows. The octopus picks up the dirt and curses us because we lack common sense.

“The sea is your business. Humans, take care of it! Otherwise the whole coastline will always be full of filth!”

Scene 5

Sorolla’s Mediterranean is full of life, joy and shame: the waters are cemeteries of innocent lives lost.

Migrants cross oceans because of wars and suffering; they dig their graves in search of personal improvements.

Scene 6

The problems of the countryside can be equated to this festival: when the rich collect taxes, the poor are drowning in bills.

Fallas are running out of money and the City Council requires many changes: they don’t realise that they are squeezing us: we don’t have any more money.

If they continue like this, we will protest as farmers do: in three years they will lose the elections and Pepa will end up imposing the “fallera mayor” sash.

  • Fallas payment: 40€/month adult / 20€/month children
  • Lottery and raffles: 130€ per year.
  • Sponsorship: 80€.
  • Advertising in the book: 30€ one third of a page.
  • Advertising in the book: 50€ half a page.
  • Advertising in the book: 70€ one page.
  • Advertising: 100€ back cover in colour.
  • “Carroza” subsidy: 3000€.
  • Fallas subsidy: to be determined by the prize.
  • Big monument: 50000€.
  • Children’s monument: 16500€.
  • Falla warehouse.
  • Electricity.
  • Water.
  • Meals and dinners.
  • Renting of the municipal theatre x2.
  • Carrossa: 6000€
  • Drinks.
  • Music band (presentation act) x2.
  • Music band (fallas).
  • Flowers for the presentation.
  • Flowers for the offering.
  • Pyrotechnics.
  • T-shirts.
  • Book.
  • Web maintenance.
  • Office expenses.
  • Adaptations to what the City Council says.
  • Others…
  • VAT 21%.
  • Fireworks permit.
  • Street cut permit.
  • Approved platform.
  • Security permits.
  • Architect’s signature.
  • Electricity bill.
  • Water bill.
  • Fallas tent.
  • No increase in subsidies.
  • Revision of the Fallas Agreement.
  • Stages.
  • Ambulances for fireworks.
  • Other inventions…

Scene 7

The children bathe on the beach and the tourists pig out: they drink everything, beers and wine, with beautiful views of Les Rotes.

This land lives off tourism and gastronomy is a source of commerce. While they do terrible things with our paella, the restaurateurs line their pockets.
They believe everything they see in Tiktok, but their paella looks like shit. With meat, prawns and apricots, their stomach must be a dunghill.

No matter how much they have to pay, they are satisfied with the food. Meanwhile, the restaurateurs only think about the most important thing: the money earned.


1st course:
Marsh salad: marsh rat, Mediterranean seagrass, raisins and seagull eggs. Dénia red prawn with tomatoes from the Dénia-Oliva road.
Jellyfish from Les Rotes.

2nd course:
“Els Campusos” savoury cake with white wine. Avocado fritter with Ford squid ink.
American Paella (with chorizo, cheese, peas… anything that can be cooked). Cod from the Port of Dénia with the aroma of a yacht.

Rosemary cake with sweet seeds.
Pumpkin cake bathed in cassalla (aniseed liqueur).

Choose one of each dish.
Includes: black bread with sardine aioli and coffee.
45 €/ person (drinks not included).
* Supplement of 60 € (depending on the season, the price may vary).

Scene 8

In the shape of a female and with the name of a woman, the Sea enlightens us and cuddles our children.

We could not live without it: it is the one who nourishes us from the beginning. Water controls everything, but when it gets angry it also destroys everything.
It spreads over the whole planet, it takes care of daughters and sisters. Our hearts beat for it. Let us protect it as good guardians.

Water accompanies us in the form of rivers, seas and oceans. Guess each point on the map and you will be rewarded.

Scene 9

A cigarette seems harmless if you smoke in the middle of the Montgó; but in this extreme heat you will set the whole mountain on fire.
The Guardian of the natural parks tries to fight fires. Be like him: brave and fierce, protecting our landscapes.

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